Research & Development

Research & Development

Meet the members of our top class team

Damien Breingan

Product Development Manager

Damien manages the development of LEX. He oversees the conception, design and implementation of new and existing feature development to meet regulatory and client specific demand.  Damien also manages development resources, to provide responsive support, whilst continuing to develop understanding and use of latest technologies. He is a keen guitarist and enjoys Metal and Rock.

David Taylor

Development Manager

Since 2007 David has been programming LEX and managing the day to day running and decision processes of the development team.  He writes new modules for LEX and maintains the core health of the system.  David also manages data migrations and server maintenance.  He takes part in extreme sports like rock climbing and specialises in endurance events such as ultra-marathons and ironman triathlons.

Mike Armitage

Senior Developer

Mike has been with Bar Squared since its beginning and as a Lead Developer much of his time is spent analysing and coding changes, researching new technologies, and dealing with legislation changes from government bodies.  He has had a passion for computers and software since he was 12 years old when he got his first computer – a Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

James Cullis

Software Developer

James has been involved in software for more than 20 years and has worked in all aspects of software development from design to implementation for the LEX web-based product. He has also written an Android app to allow users to access their LEX diaries. James has played many sports and at 6’ 8” tall was a mean basketball player.

Adam Toone

Software Developer

For the past seven years Adam has been developing existing features of the LEX software as well as researching and developing exciting new ones.  He recently became a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) and a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD). He is an avid golfer and snowboarder.

Kester Dampney

Software Developer

As a Software Developer for LEX Kester’s role involves migrating and merging data between chambers. Since 2008 he has played a part in developing new features for the product.  After backpacking around the world, he now likes to spend time with his family.

Justin Elliott Neal

Senior UX Designer

Justin’s role is to measure and optimise the LEX application to improve ease of use and create the best user experience. His focus is on designing the presentation and interactivity of the product. He is fanatical about keeping fit and is an ex-Team GB swimmer. Justin has worked with the company since 2008.

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