Further Receipt Enhancements

Default Copy Fee Note/Statement & Custom Text on Receipts

In addition to the recent receipt changes, we have introduced further enhancements to aid Chambers in managing part-payments. These enhancements are:

Default the Include Copy Fee Note/Statement Option

A new system option, which when enabled will automatically tick the Include Copy Fee Note or the Include Copy Statement option when producing a receipt if there is an outstanding balance on the case. With this option enabled, a copy fee note/statement is automatically included with the receipt when required without any additional clicks from the user.

Outstanding Fees Info Text on Receipt

Custom text can be displayed on the payment information area of a receipt when there is still an outstanding balance on the case and a copy fee note/statement is included with that receipt. The custom text can help to indicate to the client that the payment received does not settle the full balance of the case.

Please contact the Support team if you would like to enable these features.

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