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Integrated marketing using LEX Contacts, list compilation criteria based on financial performance, record updates using Online forms

What LEX can do for Marketing

LEX provides a one-stop marketing function that allows you to create effective campaigns and newsletters.  Marketing literature can be scheduled to reach clients at optimum times to guarantee the maximum response rate from campaigns and newsletters. Responses can be monitored and your marketing database can easily be updated.  Your emails can be customised using chambers marketing templates which will integrate with your LEX data.


Interactive Marketing

LEX enables users to manage campaigns effectively by monitoring all responses by seeing who has accepted, declined and who hasn’t yet responded.  Invalid email addresses can be identified and those which have ‘bounced back’.


Marketing Dashboard

This provides a clear view of upcoming and recent events and responses. You can view statistics based on the performance of each campaign and newsletter in the statistics tab.  There is no need to rely on a third-party platform to provide or collate this information.


Online Forms

Integrate on line forms into your marketing campaigns to gain valuable feedback from your clients.  You can automatically feed the form data directly into your LEX data for reporting at a later date. LEX online forms will capture client consent in a GDPR compliant format.


Budget Management

LEX allows the ability to set a marketing budget for the financial year and assign events costs against a campaign.  This gives a clear view of the costings and marketing spend allowing chambers to keep a track of the budget.


  • Single Contact Database & Chambers Branding
  • Use Financial Performance to Gauge Effectiveness & Create Lists
  • Update Records Automatically Using Online Forms

Meet the team

LEX has a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals who are always on hand when you call our helpdesk to provide advice and support.  We give regular and easy access across all features and updates and the opportunity to meet with one of client liaison representatives who can arrange training with our project team. Whatever you need you will be met with a wealth of knowledge that is second to none.

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