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What LEX Can Do For You

LEX is installed at more than 240 chambers worldwide and is used by 70 per cent of the UK market.

It offers the latest in web-based software. LEX is quick and simple to install and easy to use on all devices. A combination of accessibility and flexibility enables you to work how you want, where you want. LEX keeps you ahead of the game with a range of regularly updated features and functionality supported by an experienced group of professionals.

Since 2007 LEX has been at the cutting edge of chambers software and we continue our innovative development. LEX is the choice of progressive barristers’ chambers.


Audit & security

LEX provides excellent security using FIPS-140-2 compliant passwords, audit reporting for workflow history, Active Directory and 2 Factor Authentication.


Ability to provide configurable custom reports and diaries through search grids. diary tabs and system options.


LEXeX for appointments to Outlook Calendar, 2-way synchronisation of appointments from Outlook, email harvesting, Tasks, Xero for MTD for VAT, COB / DCS / CCMS.

Reporting & Automation

LEX has a comprehensive range of core reports to support your reporting needs – including Aged Debt, Work Done and Practice Analysis. Helping clients to ensure constant cash flow.


Users can customise their dashboard to display a range of financial tables and charts. Comprehensive information can be exported into Excel.

Interactive Marketing

Effective management of marketing campaigns and budgets. LEX includes newsletter templates and online forms in a GDPR compliant format.

Meet the team

LEX has a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals who are always on hand when you call our helpdesk to provide advice and support.  We give regular and easy access across all features and updates and the opportunity to meet with one of client liaison representatives who can arrange training with our project team. Whatever you need you will be met with a wealth of knowledge that is second to none.

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