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What LEX can do for Fee Clerks

Our fully audited process meets all of your needs including invoicing and effectively managing payments. Helps to keep your chambers on top of billing resulting in quicker settlement. We are committed to continual enhancement to give the best possible experience.


Invoicing & billing

With fee note, invoice and Legal Aid Agency billing available, LEX selects each clients’ preferred billing type automatically.


Email harvesting

Using LEX with email harvesting adds tags to the subject line of email so responses are automatically stored in the case documents folder saving time and effort.


Payment matching

With payment allocation LEX ages each outstanding item accurately making fee chasing clearer and easier resulting in faster payment. This saves time and reduces administration.


Document processor

LEX will automatically produce fee notes, chasing letters and statements or you can view a forecast and manage chasing on screen. This helps keep on top of billing and results in quicker settlement of fees due.

The benefits

  • Invoicing & Statements to speed up payment receipt
  • Payment Matching for accurate aged debt
  • Comprehensive chasing cycles with automated and manual options

Meet the team

LEX has a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals who are always on hand when you call our helpdesk to provide advice and support.  We give regular and easy access across all features and updates and the opportunity to meet with one of client liaison representatives who can arrange training with our project team. Whatever you need you will be met with a wealth of knowledge that is second to none.

Meet the team

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