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Customisable diary views and automatic email harvesting are time savers. You can access the diary on the move too

What LEX can do for Diary Clerks

LEX allows diary clerks to easily and efficiently manage diaries their way. By integrating with external systems including Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Calendars, LEX provides a synchronised system enabling chambers to easily manage all booking information, appointments, locations, contact information and notes. With the addition of LEX Tasks you’ll be up-to-date and in control wherever you are and you can click to join conference calls straight from your LEX diary.


Easy to build views

The Advanced Filter allows the diary to be filtered in a number of ways, whether this is to display particular appointment types such as conferences or to only show appointments being heard at selected courts. Filters can easily be applied just once or saved as a separate diary tab if the need to be used regularly.


Opportunity monitoring

Record enquiries from clients using the LEX Opportunity Suite, enquires can then easily be converted to a live case with a few clicks. By using the Opportunity Suite, you can report on items such as the methods and criteria used for putting barristers forward along with accepted and rejected reasons and rates. Combine opportunities with E & D Monitoring and there is a wealth of analysis at your fingertips.


Email harvesting

LEX sorts and stores the emails gathered into dedicated case/barrister specific email folders, providing a central and easily accessible location for all email communications. There is also a quick and simple drag and drop function to store documents behind cases.


Diary tool tips

The LEX diary makes use of both tooltips and hover functionality to display additional information, this ensures that diary views remain easy to read and do not become cluttered with too much information.

More features...

  • Schedule delivery of reports to barristers
  • Customise workflow and case documents
  • Invoicing & Payment Matching

Meet the Team

LEX has a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals who are always on hand when you call our helpdesk to provide advice and support.  We give regular and easy access across all features and updates and the opportunity to meet with one of client liaison representatives who can arrange training with our project team. Whatever you need you will be met with a wealth of knowledge that is second to none.

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