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From Industrial to Technology Revolution

Matt Gibbons, Senior Clerk at Deans Court Chambers tells us how LEX has helped with paperless working


In the nineteenth century Manchester was at the forefront of the industrial revolution. Today the city is again breaking new ground but this time in the legal process and Deans Court chambers are utilising LEX ground-breaking software to make their chambers more streamlined for the 21st Century.

Deans Court, a barristers chambers, which specialises in Common Law, personal injury and health and safety, have made full use of the LEX software, with everyone from clerks to counsel embracing it.

One of those is senior clerk Matthew Gibbons, he said: “Manchester is a growing 21st century economy with huge regeneration and investment and we need our chambers to reflect this. Large organisations are relocating here so the legal profession is no longer totally London centric. As times change in Manchester, advances in new technology are also changing the face of the legal profession with LEX leading the way”.

New technology

Matthew added: “In order to be leaders in our field in this exciting environment we need to ensure that our chambers have the best tools to be at the cutting edge of a competitive and ever-changing market. The advancement in technology over the past decade has been enormous, both in terms of how it influences our day-to-day lives but also in work environments.”

New features

“Bar Squared has responded by enabling a paperless environment as it has developed new features in LEX over the years. It also integrates with other systems and the training and support is first class. The demands of solicitors and barristers have not changed but today we need a speed of response– everyone wants a fast reply and answer. I am confident that LEX will continue to lead the way in innovation and provide their industry-leading service to all users.”

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