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What LEX can do for Barristers

LEX allows Barristers to have greater control in managing their time and finances. It provides a seamless, paperless, streamlined software solution that is transforming the way that chambers work by providing end-to-end, clerk-to-barrister work flow.


LEXeX & 2-Way Sync

Push LEX diary appointments to your Microsoft Exchange Calendar including all booking information, appointment types, contact information and notes using LEXeX.  2-Way Sync enables barristers to create, edit and delete appointments from within Microsoft Outlook or LEX, with changes reflected in both applications.


Integrated Time Recording

Allows barristers to enter time that they have spent on a case using a timer or manual entry.  Time can be updated on the move and is easily visible showing billed and unbilled time each day, week or month. Detailed notes may be entered and either used as fee line or invoice descriptions or retained as comment lines for future reference.


Practice Statistics

As well as having the ability to run their own core reports such as Aged Debt, Payment Summary and Work Done, barristers have access to a configurable dashboard along with a practice statistics page that can be exported into Excel.


Accessible on any device

Using LEX Mobile  gives barristers the ability to work from anywhere – in chambers, at home, in court or on the move – on any device with a WIFI connection.

What our clients say...

  • “A great product coupled with a can-do attitude.”
  • "LEX creates an effective working process that delivers high quality results from beginning to end."
  • "LEX software has enabled us to save time, maximise revenue and improve efficiency."

Meet the Team

LEX has a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals who are always on hand when you call our helpdesk to provide advice and support.  We give regular and easy access across all features and updates and the opportunity to meet with one of client liaison representatives who can arrange training with our project team. Whatever you need you will be met with a wealth of knowledge that is second to none.

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