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After months of development, in collaboration with our IT Partners,
we're proud to announce the integration of LEX Case Documents with
Citrix ShareFile: a secure cloud based file sharing,
storage, and collaboration service - built for business.

LEX Integration with Citrix ShareFile
provided in partnership with

This powerful new feature will help your Chambers to:

  • Comply with GDPR, and ensure your document management processes meet
    the highest level of data security standards
  • Achieve cost & efficiency savings by offering increased digital working
    capabilities to your Barristers
  • Offer better service to your clients


File Sync & Secure mobile access any time anywhere

  • Save files once, and they�re automatically synced to the cloud, so you�ll
    always be working with the most accurate, up-to-date information.
  • Reduce time spent on uploading and downloading files
  • Get to your files, where and when you need them.
  • Use ShareFile on your iOS, Android, Windows device to access,
    share, request and edit files from anywhere.
  • ShareFile offers selective sync settings so you can choose only
    the folders and subfolders you�d like to sync across devices.
  • Lock and wipe data remotely from any lost or stolen device to
    keep your data safe no matter what happens.

LEX Integration: Accessing ShareFile through your LEX login saves time
by making it even quicker to get the right documents to the right barristers & clients.

Secure File Sharing � A better way to exchange data at work

  • Get industry-leading encryption to protect your emails and attachments
  • Get files from here to there with less work and more data protection,
    as files are kept secure in storage and during transfers
  • Use customizable security settings to control who can see and access your files
  • Trust state-of-the-art UK based data centers for secure sharing and storage

LEX Integration: Use LEX to automate the creation of �Case Folders�
within ShareFile � making the sharing of case documentation between
barristers/clerks/clients instant and secure.

ShareFile Portals � Offer employees, clients, vendors, and
others a secure way to upload files online

  • Put a secure file upload form on your website / email footer
  • Give clients and vendors a secure online portal to access and upload files
  • Impress your clients with custom branding
  • Add an �unlimited� number of clients to ShareFile

LEX Integration: Let LEX create �clients� for you in ShareFile, by using information
already stored against your LEX Contact Records.

Secure communication from ShareFile (including encrypted email)

  • Send up to 100GB in a single email and securely bypass
    file-size restrictions / eliminate bounce-backs
  • Keeps files secure in storage and during transfers
  • Replace unreliable email attachments with the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook and automatically convert any attachments to secure ShareFile links.
  • Send files up to 10GB right from within Microsoft Outlook
  • Encrypt the body of your email message � not just attachments
  • Revoke access to attachments sent to incorrect recipients

LEX Integration: Combine with LEX Email Harvesting, and let LEX copy your email
behind the right case record automatically!

Use cloud storage for stronger, more efficient data security

  • Improve data security, access and reliability
  • Enable easier remote and mobile access
  • Save money compared to on-premises solutions
  • Send files up to 10GB right from within Microsoft Outlook
  • Encrypt the body of your email message � not just attachments
  • Revoke access to attachments sent to incorrect recipients

LEX Integration: Choose whether to store documents in traditional
LEX folders, or move documents into the cloud, all directly within
existing LEX Case Doc functionality.

Online Viewing/Editing of Document Content

  • Preview documents online directly within ShareFile
  • With a compatible Office 365 account, edit documents online too!

LEX Integration: Move traditional LEX folder documents into ShareFile
and preview/edit/collaborate online in Office 365!

Collect e-signatures easily with ShareFile & Right Signature

  • Send documents for e-signature directly from your ShareFile account
  • Get documents sent back automatically to the correct folder
  • Never get documents back with incomplete fields
  • Reduce paperwork turnaround time by up to 93 percent

(Version 4.212.01 and above):

  • Automatic creation of �Case Folders� in ShareFile by LEX.
  • ShareFile �Case Folders� accessible through LEX Case Docs, no need to
    open two applications or remember two passwords!
  • Files/Folders can be manipulated (added, deleted, moved, copied) in LEX -
    as if working directly within ShareFile.
  • Authentication of Barrister/Clerk access to �Case Folders�
    all controllable within LEX.
  • Automated creation of �Clients� (linked to LEX Contact Records)
    and control of �Client Access� to ShareFile �Case Folders�.
  • Documents added in LEX automatically �tagged� with detailed case
    information (title, reference, company, contact, court ref),
    all searchable directly within ShareFile.

And with LEX Integration it�s even easier to manage case files,
get briefs to barristers, documents to clients for approval, and more!

Save Money  -  Save Time  -  Be Secure.

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