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2015 News

29 OCT2015

Chambers UK Bar Awards 2015

We would like say a huge congratulations to all of those nominated and the winners of the awards. And thank you to Chambers and Partners for another fantastic celebration!

17 JUL2015

David Taylor attempts the UK Ironman for 'ACT for SMA'

On July 19th David Taylor will be supporting the charity "ACT for SMA" by attempting to complete the UK Ironman in Bolton - recognised as the hardest single day endurance event in the world...

12 JUN2015

Digital Legal Aid – A Software Vendor’s Tale

Despite many complaints of its lack of fitness for purpose from professional groups, the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) has declared 1 October 2015 as the mandatory date for receipt of claims via their Client and Cost Management System (CCMS), after which paper claims for FAS, FGF and Civil POA cases will no longer be processed...

18 MAY2015

LEX Technical Bulletin: Exchange Server & Exchange 365

LEX utilises Exchange Web Services (EWS) in order to update diary appointments to the Outlook Calendar and has done so since Exchange 2007. Access to mailboxes can be achieved via the EWS API in two ways – delegation and impersonation...

10 APR2015

Radcliffe Chambers Dis-Connected

Radcliffe Switching from MLC to LEX from Bar Squared - A first-hand experience of switching from MLC to LEX from Fiona Fitzgerald, Chief Executive, Radcliffe Chambers...

08 APR2015

Microsoft Office 365 Integration with LEX

Full and Secure Integration of LEX with Office 365 now possible.

17 FEB2015

Windows Server 2003 End Of Life

Microsoft Support for Windows Server 2003 will end on July 14th 2015. This means the operating system will be officially end-of-life and Microsoft will no longer issue any security updates under the standard support agreement. There are reports that it will be possible to pay $600 per server for an additional year’s support and then a further, as yet unknown, sum for the following year...

28 JAN2015

Legal Aid Agency – CCMS XML Bulk Upload Update

UPDATE: For any chambers claiming Family/Civil Legal Aid fees. Mandatory utilisation of CCMS from 1 October 2015 has been announced by the LAA this week. We have been working with the LAA Software Vendor Support team for a considerable period developing a bulk upload facility that will upload LEX Family and Civil Legal Aid Claims to the CCMS Portal without clerks having to enter claims twice...

28 JAN2015

BSB Regulated Entities

Following a long consultation process, the BSB (Bar Standards Board) has been approved by the LSB (Legal Standards Board) as a regulator of ‘Legal Entities’, as well as Barristers. This change has paved the way for Barristers to incorporate (i.e. register as ‘Companies’) in their own right, or do so with other approved bodies, and enjoy the significant tax/liability limitation advantages that Companies have over those who are Self-Employed...

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