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2013 News

29 NOV2013


Can you be sure that in the event of a server failure your data will be secure and in a position to be restored in the shortest possible time? Can you imagine how catastrophic it would be to your business if suddenly all of your critical system data disappeared...

21 NOV2013

Legal Aid Agency – CCMS for Civil and Family Certificated Legal Aid

The LAA is introducing online ways of working for Civil and Family Certificated legal aid. The client and cost management system (CCMS) allows providers to apply for Legal Aid and manage certificates. Providers and counsel can use the system to submit claims...

18 NOV2013

Defence AF1 Claim Form Version 7

From the 2nd December the new AF1 template (version 7) must be used on new claims submitted to the LAA. All forms signed and dated before the mandatory date will be accepted until 2nd January 2014, after which time they will be rejected...

13 SEP2013

Time Recording & Costs Budgeting

Simple creation of time recording and costs budgets aiding accuracy and efficiency. Activity Timer - Record time contemporaneously whether this is for written work carried out over several days or a single telephone conference...

01 JUL2013

Announcing LEX Chambers Management for Android

We’re excited to announce that LEX Chambers Management for Android is now available for download! Bar Squared’s newly developed LEX Android app enables rapid, up to the minute access to a variety of diary views from your chambers LEX application* along with contact and company....

8 APR2013

LEX Time Recording Case Study: Selborne Chambers

Leading commercial chancery set, Selborne Chambers, has become the latest to add Time Recording to its LEX Chambers Management Software. Described by Legal 500 2011 as “exceptionally well-run”, Selborne chose to enhance its LEX business management system....

1 APR2013

LSC Rebranded as LAA from 1st April 2013

As of 1st April 2013, the LSC (Legal Services Commission) has been rebranded as the LAA (Legal Aid Agency). Broadly speaking, the change has come about to enable the Ministry of Justice to administer Legal Aid in a more controlled and productive manner...

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