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2007 News

15 NOV 2007

LEX Facilitates Growth With Enterprise Services Phase Two

Enterprise Services are typically reserved for larger organisations using diverse infrastructures and sprawling IT systems with massive resource requirements. With the release of phase two of Enterprise Services for LEX we are now targeting mid to large Chambers with technology that has...

05 OCT 2007

Celebrating the first year of Bar Squared/LEX

Bar Squared celebrates its first anniversary and the success that is LEX Chambers Management Software - the fastest selling chambers software in the history of the barristers' chambers market. Since October 2006, we've been busy developing the best possible chambers software...

06 JUL 2007

Modern Day Clichés - Outstanding Customer Service

Not at Bar Squared! Our philosophy is one of growing through reputation so letting you down is the last thing we want to do. We don't believe in filling our customers' with false hope and breaking promises. We like our customers to be assured that we will do the right thing...

30 APR 2007

Carter Goes Live On LEX

All Criminal Defence Cases funded under a representation order granted on or after 30th April 2007 must be managed in accordance with the provisions of the Revised Advocacy and Graduated Fee Scheme (RAGFS or Carter)...

30 APR 2007

LEX Star Of The Show

Bar Squared showcased its LEX Chambers Management Software last Saturday 28th April at the Institute of Barristers Clerks Annual Conference. Clerks and Administrators from Chambers across the country looked at...

02 APR 2007

The Institute of Barristers Clerks Conference 2007

Come and see us at the '...and now for something completely different' IBC Conference on Saturday 28th April 2007 at The Royal College Of Surgeons, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London. Visit...

05 MAR 2007

Are You Carter Compliant?

THE CARTER REVIEW - 30th April 2007 - Criminal Case Administration Requirements Transform Working Practice. In light of Lord Carter's review of legal aid procurement which ended on 13th July 06, the current Criminal Legal...

26 JAN 2007

Join the Mobile Revolution

We are in the age of mobile phones, wireless connections and notebook PDA's but there still exists the problem of accessing valuable data from your core business systems while on the move. Many ideas have been tried and many...

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