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Time Recording & Costs Budgeting

Helen Ford

Simple creation of time recording and costs budgets aiding accuracy and efficiency

Activity Timer

Record time contemporaneously whether this is for written work carried out over several days or a single telephone conference.

Costs Budgets

Create costs budgets and record time against budget stages.

On-screen budget v actual figures.

Alerts may be triggered automatically when the actual figure is within a specified percentage of the budget.

Post Timing

Record items of work once the item has been completed or at the end of each day.

Time Recording Diary

Display and monitor items of work that have not yet been billed utilising this view as a useful memory aid.

Flexibility with Ready to Bill

Allows grouping of activities once the work has been completed.

If you are interested in learning more about our Time Recording or Costs Budgeting Module, please call 0116 272 5000 or email or for further information.

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Windows, Server, 2012, LEX, barrister, software