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29 NOV2013


Mike Armitage

Can you be sure that in the event of a server failure your data will be secure and in a position to be restored in the shortest possible time?

Can you imagine how catastrophic it would be to your business if suddenly all of your critical system data disappeared just because you didn’t have an adequate backup system in place?

Furthermore, if your LEX system runs on a server which is also the network domain controller, then you could also lose all of your Active Directory and network documents and information at the same time.

We advise all Chambers to check (or ask their IT company to check) their current backup system immediately to ensure it includes all critical files and that it is tested periodically to ensure that it is operating correctly.

In the event of a server failure, LEX Replication could be of vital importance to your Chambers as even with adequate backups it could take several days for your server to be rebuilt and restored. However, LEX Replication is only intended as a temporary failover to ensure that Chambers have uninterrupted diary access in the event of a failure, it is not designed to be a complete server failover.

If you have LEX Replication enabled then your main LEX system data will be mirrored securely to our hosted environment, which is generally the most critical data to Chambers. We must stress, however, that LEX Replication will not copy any case documents, uploaded files, or certain configuration files. They MUST be backed up by a separate backup system in Chambers. Also LEX Replication will only replicate your main LEX system data, any additional side installations you have would not be replicated unless you have purchased additional replication licences for those systems.

Backup systems come in many shapes and sizes. Some Chambers are now going down the route of running their LEX system on a virtual server, that enables them to mirror their entire server to an offsite location in real time. This sort of solution is at the top end of what is needed, with the main advantage being that in the event of an outage, Chambers can be back up and running in a very short time. However (from a LEX point of view) for most Chambers we advise, as a minimum requirement, that a nightly backup is undertaken that copies the LEX Database(s), case documents and application files to another drive or server.

LEX can be configured to back up its SQL database overnight so that it can be placed into a designated folder to be picked up by your backup system. This can avoid the need to purchase additional software such as Symantec’s Backup Exec Agent for Databases.

If you would like more information on LEX Replication, please contact or call 0116 272 5000.

If you need help to find out if your backup system is sufficient, need help identifying which LEX files need to be backed up, or would like the overnight LEX Database backup feature enabling, please contact or call 0116 272 5015. Whilst we do not advise on specific backup hardware or configuration, we will be able to point you in the right direction in ensuring that your data is safely backed up.

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