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18 NOV2013

Legal Aid Agency – CCMS for Civil and Family Certificated Legal Aid

Helen Ford

The LAA is introducing online ways of working for Civil and Family Certificated legal aid. The client and cost management system (CCMS) allows providers to apply for Legal Aid and manage certificates. Providers and counsel can use the system to submit claims. CCMS also allows users to scan and attach electronic documentation associated with their application or claim.

The LAA circulated introductory packs to all counsel on 21 October and training registrations can be made by following the instructions in the pack. Details should also have been circulated by LAA to Chambers via their nominated contact. The training is provided online via the LAA training portal. Please contact the LAA if you have not received this information.

Due to security restrictions in place at the LAA/MOJ, it is not possible for chambers management software to link directly to CCMS, however, files that contain batches of claims will be produced by LEX and these files may be imported by registered users of the CCMS Portal. This approach will negate the need for manual inputting of claim data. Documentation may also be uploaded via CCMS in support of each claim.

Dates for your Diary

11th Nov 2013

In the week commencing 11th Nov training will be launched on the training portal to be accessed by all counsel and chambers, and tranche 1 providers (organisations with a name starting with A-F). Training will be accessed via the CCMS training website which will continue to host quick guides and other resources.

18th Nov 2013

From the 18th of November until the 6th of December the LAA will be holding events for all chambers across the country to provide an introduction to CCMS and the training available.

To book a place, click here

20th January 2014

Go-live for all counsel and chambers, and civil providers with an organisation name starting with A-F.

31st March 2014

Go-live for civil providers with an organisation name starting with G-Z or a number.

Despite the go-live date for all chambers being 20 January, there has been a delay in the LAA providing sufficient documentation to enable coding to commence and it is yet to provide testing facilities for software providers to undertake the significant testing that will be required. This delay will reduce the window in which we are able to test new functionality and the subsequent rollout of an upgraded version of LEX to all legal aid chambers by the go-live date. We will, of course, do everything within our power to meet the deadline and would ask that you contact our support desk as soon as possible if you will require this new functionality so that we can schedule accordingly.

A three-month transition period has been built into the timetable for each phase, but providers will be expected and encouraged to use the system at the start.

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