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1 APR2013

LSC Rebranded as LAA from 1st April 2013

Mike Armitage

As of 1st April 2013, the LSC (Legal Services Commission) has been rebranded as the LAA (Legal Aid Agency).

Broadly speaking, the change has come about to enable the Ministry of Justice to administer Legal Aid in a more controlled and productive manner. Moving the LSC to an agency means the MoJ will have tighter financial control and accountability. It also moves accountability for policy decisions to a central location, rather than under the previous arrangement where it was not clear whether the MoJ or the LSC had the final say.

As a result of the change, claim forms for Civil, Family and Criminal work have been redesigned with the new LAA logo. References to CLS (Community Legal Service) and CDS (Criminal Defence Service) have also been changed to CIV and CRI (Criminal Legal Aid) respectively, as the CLS and CDS have been disbanded also.

The following forms used by Counsel are now mandatory from 1st April 2013:

  • CIVCLAIM5  Version 10   (was CLS CLAIM 5)
  • CIVCLAIM5A  Version 3   (was CLS CLAIM 5A)
  • CIVPOA1  Version 6   (was CLS POA 1)
  • AF1  Version 6
  • AF2  Version 3

In line with Bar Squared’s commitment to keep its customers systems up-to-date with the latest policy changes, these forms have been available in a LEX release since mid-March, and most if not all of our customers have now had the required upgrade.

In the past, when new claim forms have been released, Chambers have been allowed a month’s grace in which the previous version of a form would be accepted. For this particular form release NO GRACE PERIOD has been allowed by the LAA, so to avoid any claims being rejected, LEX customers who do not yet have the new forms should contact Bar Squared Support immediately to ensure their systems are upgraded.

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Windows, Server, 2012, LEX, barrister, software