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01 JUL2013

Announcing LEX Chambers Management for Android

James Cullis

We’re excited to announce that LEX Chambers Management for Android is now available for download!

Bar Squared’s newly developed LEX Android app enables rapid, up to the minute access to a variety of diary views from your chambers LEX application* along with contact and company details, including telephone numbers and email addresses. Utilising LEX security privileges and roles, access may be given to a single day view for chambers as a whole, multi-day views for you only or access to an availability view, so you can easily see when you’re free and make that important booking on the move.

The app currently targets Android version 3.0 (Honeycomb ) (API level 11) and above.

In order to use LEX Android you’ll need to ensure that your instance of LEX is securely available via the web (https) and that you are in a mobile internet area.

LEX Android App Support - £36 + VAT annual support per user. *Requires LEX Version 4.104.10 or higher

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Windows, Server, 2012, LEX, barrister, software