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16 FEB2012

Free Automatic DX Data Cleansing

Neville Hilton (AFD Software)

We have some good news for Chambers who use DX to transfer important documents to solicitors. You can now clean DX addresses that are stored in LEX.

Why clean them?

Unless refreshed, contact data decays over time which introduces unnecessary risk and cost. Law firms start up or move premises; they add offices and close offices, DX addresses are entered incorrectly, and DX Exchanges change. Now you can mitigate that risk for DX data by cleansing it through the secure DX Address Book Cleansing (ABC) service.

What will the DX Address Book Cleansing (ABC) service do?

It will add missing addresses, delete those that no longer exist, highlight those that need investigation and correct those that are wrong.

About the ABC

The service is provided by DX to Chambers WITHOUT CHARGE and is operated by address data specialists AFD Software. Over a three year period millions of DX records have been cleansed. Chambers typically have 10% - 50% of records that need deleting (because they no longer exist), and receive an uplift of 10-40% of additional correct records.

Chambers are benefiting from the service

Exchange Chambers IT Manager Mike Knibb commented:

“The figures show the work needed doing and we did it in just a few minutes. The improvements are obvious – and it’s FREE. Any Chambers using DX will see an immediate benefit.”

Three steps to use the service now:

  1. Register to use the service. You will receive an account code and link ready to upload your data.
  2. Call LEX support on 0116 272 5015 to walk you through the export and upload process. At the point of upload you will be given a download key to record.
  3. Download the cleansed data and call LEX support to walk you through the re-import of cleansed data. Any records that need investigation will be highlighted.

To get started click here

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