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20 JAN 2009

LEX Delivers Great Rate of Exchange

Helen Ford

Exchange Chambers, has become the fourth set to swap to LEX from InQuisita Law.

LEX continues to dominate the chambers software market with 37 orders taken since the product launch in February 2007.

Once again the team at Bar Squared utilised the tried and tested data migration process that has successfully imported data from ACE, Meridian Law, InQuisita Law and Meridian Law Connected to achieve another zero downtime transfer.

Tom Handley, Director of Chambers explained

"Everyone seems to be delighted with LEX. The clerks have adapted quickly to the new software and many of the tasks save time. LEX Workflow will speed up our fee chasing procedure easing the burden on our fees clerks. I am now able to produce detailed practice analysis reports for Chambers and individual's at a click of a button, which is very useful."

Mike Knibb, Exchange Chambers IT Manager, said:

"Development, migration and support services are the best I have experienced from a chambers software company."

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