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14 May 2008

LEX Replicate to Innovate - Introducing The New Backup Solution For Chambers

by David Taylor

Stop and think about your backup solution for a moment. Does relying on old technology tape drives and overnight processing sound familiar? Maybe it's the responsibility of an employee to remove tapes off site each night. If all this sounds a little "old school" then perhaps it's time to look at the alternatives.

The effectiveness of any given backup solution can be measured in terms of its usage of network resources, time spent recovering in a disaster situation, and the frequency of backup determining the amount of lost data when recovering a backup set. Data verification is another contentious area - how easy is it to verify the backup is working, how often should you test it and will it actually be reliable when disaster strikes. Evaluating these factors is important when deciding which backup route to take.

There has been a move in the industry recently to offer offsite file backup to hosted data centres using standard broadband connections. This is a service that Bar Squared currently provides for the LEX system. Whilst this backup style undoubtedly keeps business critical data safe it is not without its downside when evaluated against our performance criteria. Relying on once-daily transfers means that in the event of recovery your data may be up to a day old. Add to this the time required to transfer the files back from a remote location using a relatively slow broadband connection all of which raise more than a few concerns for speed of recovery in such an event.

Now there is a new way to backup - replication. Replication is a solution that mirrors information from one location to the next. Depending upon requirements each location may be in the same building in the case of server to server, or server to laptop replication or even intranet server to offsite hosted server replication.

The replication system in LEX has been designed and built to overcome the shortfalls of current backup systems while giving major advantages for Chambers. Chambers running LEX with replication can be safe in the knowledge that if disaster were to strike then accessible, at the change of a URL in Internet Explorer, would be a complete mirrored system with data as up-to-date as the main system was seconds previously.

Only LEX Replication can deliver these benefits:

  • Data refresh measured in seconds - not days.
  • An always accessible mirrored copy of the main system that can be swapped to within seconds on primary system failure.
  • Backup is always visible making verification easy for complete peace of mind.

Please call us for more information or a live demonstration of our applications.

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