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03 NOV 2008

Happy Birthday LEX

Helen Ford

The team at Bar Squared have been celebrating the start of their third year by completing a third migration to LEX from InQuisita Law (IQL). With the number of LEX licences sold in excess of 1,300 and with six more chambers due to go-live before the end of the year, success looks set to continue.

When asked for their experience of migrating to LEX, Del Edgeler, Consultant at 1 Gray's Inn Square enthused:

"I am over the moon."

Jonathan Goodman, Joint Head of Chambers at 1 Gray's Inn Square said:

"Working to a challenging implementation programme, the change went smoothly and caused minimum disruption to Chambers. I was particularly impressed with the can-do attitude of the LEX staff and their understanding of our requirements. LEX turned the daunting prospect of change into an easy transition with user-friendly support that has greatly benefitted Chambers."

Andrew Hutchins, Senior Clerk at BarristerWeb Central Clerking Services said:

"Remarkable! I didn't even realise it'd happened. The whole process was fast, accurate and totally seamless. One minute we were using IQL and the next we were live on LEX with a fully operational system. I would definitely recommend LEX. There's just no contest".

The tried and tested data migration process has successfully imported data from ACE, Meridian Law, InQuisita Law and Meridian Law Connected systems during 2008.

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