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26 JAN 2007

Join the Mobile Revolution

by David Taylor

We are in the age of mobile phones, wireless connections and notebook PDA’s but there still exists the problem of accessing valuable data from your core business systems while on the move. Many ideas have been tried and many have failed. Until now we have been satisfied with older, less intelligent systems offering "almost real-time" in the form of synchronising contact lists and email integration systems to push messages to handheld blackberry devices, but this is as far as these system would go.

New developments in the smart phone market along with integrating PDA (using Microsoft Windows Mobile™) functions into phones allows the possibility of extending our software onto these devices to give a level of connectivity not seen in the market currently. With this in mind we are announcing the launch of our mobile web initiative. Try browsing to our homepage ( on your phone or PDA to see just how we can deliver real-time content to your hand held device on the move.

It doesn´t stop at the website though. LEX - our chambers management solution now has the LEX Mobile extension as a configurable option. LEX Mobile allows instant access on PDA´s to the data you hold in the LEX system, and we are not just including appointment bookings and contact data.

Click on the images below to see a few screen shots of our website and LEX on a PDA: on a PDA News on a PDA
LEX Mobile: Login Screen
LEX Mobile: Options Screen
LEX Mobile: 7 day diary
LEX Mobile: New Appointment
LEX Mobile: Calling from a Contact Record

LEX Mobile Offers:

  1. A full diary component allowing access to all items in the system, including past, current and future appointments and paperwork.
  2. Data entry screens allow entry of appointments straight into the LEX diary system from PDA
  3. Advanced searching capabilities for barristers, companies, and contacts held in LEX
  4. Data screens are fully enabled to take advantage of the features of the PDA, such as email straight from the displayed address and even click on a phone number to initiate a call with the contact.
  5. Using a real-time connection to the LEX server you are assured of seeing the correct data however frequently it is changed either in chambers or modified by another LEX Mobile user.

We believe the benefits of a real-time connection to the LEX server give chambers a real advantage in a constantly changing market. Although don´t take our word for it, contact us to arrange a demonstration to view the full LEX system and the LEX Mobile extension today.

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