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15 NOV 2007

LEX facilitates growth with Enterprise Services phase two

by David Taylor

Enterprise Services are typically reserved for larger organisations using diverse infrastructures and sprawling IT systems with massive resource requirements. With the release of phase two of Enterprise Services for LEX we are now targeting mid to large Chambers with technology that has, up until now, been reserved for the largest organisations.

Phase one began with the introduction of Mobile LEX - a live and up-to-date LEX connection on PDA whilst on the move. After much development we have successfully rolled out two new services to benefit Chambers - Single Sign On and Exchange integration; so completing what we believe is the most crucial requirement for enterprise targeted solutions.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Many systems you use on a day to day basis have benefited from moving to a full internet delivery method. Purchasing cinema tickets, buying the weekly shop, checking the bank account and many more daily tasks are now being successfully done via the internet. The one caveat that this brings is the increasing number of login systems and the resulting passwords that you must remember in order to access all of these disparate systems. SSO gives an enterprise the ability to authenticate system users with less hassle than has previously been possible.

So what does SSO mean for Chambers? With SSO enabled in LEX, barristers and clerks are able to log on to a Windows work station within Chambers. Once this is done opening LEX takes the user straight to the diary, bypassing the LEX custom login procedure - thus offering a less intrusive and more efficient way to work using one login and password.

Exchange Integration

Continuing the theme of systems integration, we present the exchange integration module for LEX. Exchange is commonly used to provide email services for Chambers and single user diary and contact systems. Using LEX with the integration module allows Chambers, on a per user basis, to push appointments from LEX to the Exchange calendar. Users are then able to use Outlook on their desktop pc's, laptops or even hand held devices to synchronise with Exchange to gain a copy of their appointments at any time. The system works for Blackberry users too with a complete copy of the LEX diary being pushed straight to the handheld device. All possible updates, transfers and deletions are taken care of so you can rest assured that your handheld will reflect your busy days ahead as if you were in Chambers looking at LEX internally.

We even cater for offsite hosted Exchange providers. More Chambers are moving to this type of system to reduce overheads and dependence on internal IT staff. Working closely with hosting providers during the development of our enterprise solutions has helped to ensure that any hosted systems are easy and effortless to connect to and manage and that the end user experience is on a par with internal systems.

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