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06 JUL 2007

Modern Day Clichés - Outstanding Customer Service

by Nick Hartwell

Not at Bar Squared! Our philosophy is one of growing through reputation so letting you down is the last thing we want to do. We don't believe in filling our customers' with false hope and breaking promises. We like our customers to be assured that we will do the right thing.

The team at Bar Squared possesses unique experience in the Chambers marketplace. Not only does it have experience at using each of the competitor products in a clerking environment, but all its members have written, sold or supported Chambers Management solutions previously.

Operating in a marketplace as distinctive as Chambers, we think it is of paramount importance that our support team understand and can be empathetic to the very specific needs of Chambers.

Needless to say, when looking to expand our customer service department, we were delighted to be approached by a software support professional with 3 years experience of supporting chambers management systems and a worthy reputation within the profession. Anxious to be part of a dynamic and expanding organisation, Umesh Patel was appointed Customer Service Manager on 3rd July 2007.

Umesh explains that support is about constantly striving to meet or exceed customer expectation. " Failing to deliver on promises typifies poor customer service." Operating in a highly competitive industry, "Chambers have the right to expect the best at all times." Bar Squared combines chambers software support and clerking experience with industry expertise ensuring its clients only ever receive a premium service.

Our customers are our most important asset and Umesh is aware of the huge responsibility he has in ensuring that Bar Squared keeps its promises and retains its valued users. We appreciate that there is little more exasperating than telling someone what you want or what your problem is and then discovering that that person is simply taking a message and can't actually answer your query.

At Bar Squared we are different. Our aim is to provide experienced, knowledgeable support personnel to answer each support call to give us the best chance of achieving our call resolution goals. The customer service department, under Umesh's guidance, will ensure that we meet our target of keeping customers appraised as to progress, offer speedy and effective solutions, handle queries with empathy and efficiency and above all listen to your ideas and suggestions for future product enhancement.

You may find that our support service changes a little over the next few weeks as Umesh implements some of our plans but rest assured that our service will continue to be fast, efficient and friendly.

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