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05 OCT 2007

Celebrating the first year of
Bar Squared/LEX

By Helen Ford

Bar Squared celebrates its first anniversary and the success that is LEX Chambers Management Software - probably the fastest selling chambers software in the history of the barristers' chambers market.

Since October 2006, we've been busy developing the best possible chambers software and completing a component-based rapid-development suite. The end result from all this hard work is a superb offering designed for the legal sector. These tasks have made the programmers' and analysts' lives hectic, and their success means our workload hasn't slackened and shows no signs of doing so. However, the input from different chambers up and down the country has been invaluable.

It was clear even from the early demonstrations that LEX added the range of enhancements that chambers had been crying out for, and as the product reached the early releases, confidence level from chambers grew, and our sign-ups increased. In just seven months of sales, some 19 chambers have signed up to implement the LEX solution within their organisation. Added to that, four solicitors' offices plan to use the comprehensive LEX diary with Blackberry integration to provide the fastest and easiest way for their office staff to update their fee earners.

Changes in legislation have definitely helped. Carter and its complex billing and VAT management requirement have proved interesting for the Bar Squared team to investigate analyse and overcome. The design brief was to ultimately make cases easier to manage in the diary for both internal and external barristers, to facilitate the production of claim forms, and finally to match across all payments to all barristers. Reporting has also had to change, as barristers now in effect owe money to each other - getting a true picture of each barrister's aged debt is key. The comprehensive nature of this development will ultimately mean that other sections of LEX will improve over the historical methods used by the other software companies to streamline billing even further.

The Bar Squared team has a wealth of experience covering all aspects of business from accounting to sales. This experience has been fundamental to the initial design of LEX and its ongoing development. A major factor in chambers choosing LEX is the data analysis aspect. LEX comes with the built-in Selector tool for complex data mining. This allows chambers to quickly flag which solicitors provide what amount of business, and which solicitor from which firm is the key fee earner. From here, it is an easy-to-use leap to produce simple mail shots or full marketing campaigns with attendance tracking.

The other area of success has been in self-content-managed website development; this puts the power to update in our clients hands, reducing the ongoing cost of ownership.

Contact sales now to see how the range of Bar Squared software solutions can help you today.

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