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16 FEB2018

LEX: GDPR Update

The enforcement date for the GDPR (25th May 2018) is fast approaching and Chambers up and down the country are updating their policies & procedures to be compliant with the new regulations...

26 JAN2017

Cyber Essentials Certification

Bar Squared is proud to announce it has been awarded Cyber Essentials certification. A Government-backed, industry-supported scheme designed to help organisations protect themselves against common cyber-attack...

13 DEC2016

Criminal Billing Online – LEX Integration

LEX Version 4.210.01 and above, now includes the facility to upload Advocate Graduated Fee Scheme (AGFS) Criminal Claims directly into the Legal Aid Agencies’ Criminal Billing Online system.

06 DEC2016

Direct Access Portal – LEX Diary Integration

The Direct Access Portal (DAP) is a website that provides search facilities for those wishing to directly access the services of barristers(without the delay and expense of applying through solicitors). It is supported by the Bar Council, and as the ONLY official site of its kind, uniquely containing a definitive up-to-date list of qualified collaborating Direct Access barristers.

29 FEB2016

CCMS countdown to 1 April 2016

The countdown is on to 1 April 2016 when, for cases started after that date, it becomes mandatory to use the Legal Aid Agency's (LAA) online Client and Cost Management System (CCMS) to submit FGF/FAS & Civil POA claims for payment.

18 FEB2016

Rollout of Criminal Online Billing: What is the impact on LEX Users?

National rollout for online billing under the Advocates Graduated Fee Scheme (AGFS) is to begin on 25 January 2016 on the Midland Bar Circuit.

29 OCT2015

Chambers UK Bar Awards 2015

We would like say a huge congratulations to all of those nominated and the winners of the awards. And thank you to Chambers and Partners for another fantastic celebration!

17 JUL2015

David Taylor attempts the UK Ironman for 'ACT for SMA'

On July 19th David Taylor will be supporting the charity "ACT for SMA" by attempting to complete the UK Ironman in Bolton - recognised as the hardest single day endurance event in the world....

12 JUN2015

Digital Legal Aid – A Software Vendor’s Tale

Despite many complaints of its lack of fitness for purpose from professional groups, the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) has declared 1 October 2015 as the mandatory date for receipt of claims via their Client and Cost Management System (CCMS), after which paper claims for FAS, FGF and Civil POA cases will no longer be processed...

18 MAY2015

LEX Technical Bulletin: Exchange Server & Exchange 365

LEX utilises Exchange Web Services (EWS) in order to update diary appointments to the Outlook Calendar and has done so since Exchange 2007. Access to mailboxes can be achieved via the EWS API in two ways – delegation and impersonation...

10 APR2015

Radcliffe Chambers Dis-Connected

Radcliffe Switching from MLC to LEX from Bar Squared - A first-hand experience of switching from MLC to LEX from Fiona Fitzgerald, Chief Executive, Radcliffe Chambers...

08 APR2015

Microsoft Office 365 Integration with LEX

Full and Secure Integration of LEX with Office 365 now possible.

17 FEB2015

Windows Server 2003 End Of Life

Microsoft Support for Windows Server 2003 will end on July 14th 2015. This means the operating system will be officially end-of-life and Microsoft will no longer issue any security updates under the standard support agreement. There are reports that it will be possible to pay $600 per server for an additional year’s support and then a further, as yet unknown, sum for the following year...

28 JAN2015

Legal Aid Agency – CCMS XML Bulk Upload Update

UPDATE: For any chambers claiming Family/Civil Legal Aid fees. Mandatory utilisation of CCMS from 1 October 2015 has been announced by the LAA this week. We have been working with the LAA Software Vendor Support team for a considerable period developing a bulk upload facility that will upload LEX Family and Civil Legal Aid Claims to the CCMS Portal without clerks having to enter claims twice...

28 JAN2015

BSB Regulated Entities

Following a long consultation process, the BSB (Bar Standards Board) has been approved by the LSB (Legal Standards Board) as a regulator of ‘Legal Entities’, as well as Barristers. This change has paved the way for Barristers to incorporate (i.e. register as ‘Companies’) in their own right, or do so with other approved bodies, and enjoy the significant tax/liability limitation advantages that Companies have over those who are Self-Employed...

29 SEPT2014

Halsbury Legal Awards 2014

Congratulations to all the winners at this year’s Halsbury Legal Awards. In particular we would like to say a huge congratulations to Matrix Chambers winners of: Chambers of the year – London (Sponsored by Bar Squared).

01 AUG2014

Changes to FAS Court Bundle bolt-on fee from 31st July 2014

The LAA have changed the way that the FAS Court Bundle bolt-on fee is claimed with immediate effect. Previously the bolt-on was claimable whenever the size of the Court Bundle was over 350 pages. Under the new rules, the Court Bundle bolt-on will now be claimable when the Advocates Bundle (essentially a bundle containing only the relevant documents on the case) is over 350 pages...

01 AUG2014

Updated civil forms introduced from 4th August 2014

The LAA are releasing updated versions of civil legal aid forms which are for use from 4th August 2014. New versions of both the CIV CLAIM 5 and CIV CLAIM 5A forms are included, which will affect chambers using LEX Chambers Management who do either FGF or FAS work...

14 MAY2014

Bar Squared Snowdon Challenge

On June 28th the Bar Squared team will be supporting Cancer Research UK by attempting to summit Mount Snowdon. The task at hand for the budding group of ascensionists is to successfully navigate the walk and climb up to the summit at 3,560ft. With most of the team having no experience of this kind it will certainly be an exciting time for everyone...

10 APR2014

The Heartbleed Bug

You may have heard the news yesterday recommending that users change their online passwords immediately in response to the Heartbleed security flaw in OpenSSL. With respect to LEX, the article above states “Organisations that used Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS) web server software would not have been affected...

10 MAR2014

The new LEX Marketing Platform

Easy to use and understand, uses chambers intelligence more intelligently ... the platform is simply brilliant. My career in the Chambers environment has spanned over 25 years and I have been involved in a range of business development and marketing initiatives often with the aid of third party software and spreadsheets....

10 MAR2014

LEX Cost Management (Precedent H)

We continue to develop and release changes that are designed to streamline the way in which chambers operate. This onerous task is achieved in conjunction with a number of LEX clerk users who we call upon, from time to time, to provide feedback on our development plans and valuable insight into the profession. The past 18 months have seen development in LEX to introduce Contractual Terms Management, Ethnicity & Diversity Monitoring and Costs Management...

03 MAR2014

LEX support for Internet Explorer 8 is ending

To focus on supporting modern browsers, we are deprecating official compatibility of LEX Chambers Management with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) as of version 4.151.07.We have made this decision as Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP on 8th April 2014 – XP being the only remaining Microsoft operating system (OS) that cannot support browsers above IE8...

07 JAN2014

Legal Aid Agency CCMS XML Bulk Upload Delay

UPDATE: For any chambers doing Family/Civil Legal Aid, CCMS is still set to roll out from 20th January. Unfortunately to this date the LAA have still not provided Software Vendors with an adequate test platform for XML bulk upload, due to technical issues at their end. The LAA have therefore said that XML bulk upload will not be available in CCMS by the 20th January...

29 NOV2013


Can you be sure that in the event of a server failure your data will be secure and in a position to be restored in the shortest possible time? Can you imagine how catastrophic it would be to your business if suddenly all of your critical system data disappeared...

21 NOV2013

Legal Aid Agency – CCMS for Civil and Family Certificated Legal Aid

The LAA is introducing online ways of working for Civil and Family Certificated legal aid. The client and cost management system (CCMS) allows providers to apply for Legal Aid and manage certificates. Providers and counsel can use the system to submit claims...

18 NOV2013

Defence AF1 Claim Form Version 7

From the 2nd December the new AF1 template (version 7) must be used on new claims submitted to the LAA. All forms signed and dated before the mandatory date will be accepted until 2nd January 2014, after which time they will be rejected...

13 SEP2013

Time Recording & Costs Budgeting

Simple creation of time recording and costs budgets aiding accuracy and efficiency. Activity Timer - Record time contemporaneously whether this is for written work carried out over several days or a single telephone conference...

01 JUL2013

Announcing LEX Chambers Management for Android

We’re excited to announce that LEX Chambers Management for Android is now available for download! Bar Squared’s newly developed LEX Android app enables rapid, up to the minute access to a variety of diary views from your chambers LEX application* along with contact and company....

8 APR2013

LEX Time Recording Case Study: Selborne Chambers

Leading commercial chancery set, Selborne Chambers, has become the latest to add Time Recording to its LEX Chambers Management Software. Described by Legal 500 2011 as “exceptionally well-run”, Selborne chose to enhance its LEX business management system....

1 APR2013

LSC Rebranded as LAA from 1st April 2013

As of 1st April 2013, the LSC (Legal Services Commission) has been rebranded as the LAA (Legal Aid Agency). Broadly speaking, the change has come about to enable the Ministry of Justice to administer Legal Aid in a more controlled and...

18 DEC2012

UPDATE: New Terms of Engagement for Barristers and Solicitors

As of 31st January 2013, new work undertaken by Barristers will be governed by the Standard Contractual Terms for the Supply of Legal Services by Barristers to Authorised Persons 2012 (“the 2012 Terms”) (or a variation of the same), unless where the barrister is paid directly by the Legal Services Commission, through the Community Legal Service...

07 DEC2012

"Certified for Windows Server 2012" Awarded

Bar Squared is pleased to announce that its flagship LEX Chambers Management product has been awarded the "Certified for Windows Server 2012" competency by the Microsoft Certification Team. After passing a rigorous testing process on the latest server operating system we can confirm that LEX meets all the Microsoft standards for...

01 NOV2012

Support Bar Squared this Movember

During the month of November, the Bar Squared team will be supporting the Movember campaign by sprouting moustaches. The aim is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically testicular and prostate cancer, which affects 1 in 9 men...

26 OCT2012

Scared of Windows 8? Not Us!

The new version of Windows for desktop and tablet computing has finally arrived. Not since the Rolling Stones pumped out Start Me Up on the original advert for Windows 95 has such a radical interface change taken place...

11 OCT2012

New Terms of Engagement for barristers and solicitors

The Bar Standards Board (BSB), the regulatory body for barristers in England and Wales, has agreed that the new Standard Contractual Terms will now take effect on 31 January 2013...

03 OCT2012

Bar Squared unleashes LEX Multi-Currency Billing

Multi-Currency Billing has always been a difficult process to manage within chambers, until now! With our brand new Multi-Currency module, LEX makes it simple and easy to bill and report in multiple currencies...

31 AUG2012

Safe and secure...?

Our home used to be our castle. Today we store huge amounts of information online, on other people’s servers around the world. Whether Case Briefs, your personal emails, Amazon and Facebook profiles, or your online bank account - all of this information is secured by passwords...

22 AUG2012

Introducing the LEX iPhone App

Built by the team of in-house developers and designed specifically for Barristers and Clerks, Bar Squared is proud to announce the launch of the LEX iPhone App. Released on the 28th July, the Bar Squared team have been busy setting up and rolling out access to the App...

14 AUG2012

LEX dox - Secure Document Management

The Crown Prosecution Service is currently rolling out the introduction of Digital Case Files (to replace traditional paper instructions). This move is part of a wider scheme called the CJS Efficiency Programme, which aims to reduce costs within the entire Criminal Justice System (CJS) (forced by budget cuts due to the current economic climate)...

14 AUG2012

2 Hare Court experience painless move to LEX Hosted service

I wanted to put in writing my thanks for the way that our migration has gone. Having managed a few of these types of projects in the past, I was enormously impressed with the care that was taken, the attention to detail, the dedication of your staff and the excellence of the execution...

03 AUG2012

18 Red Lion Court acknowledge high level of customer service

Having undergone various software upgrades in the past in my dealings with Meridian Law (IRIS) I was well aware of some of the issues that we might face in moving to a new fees system. However from the initial meeting with Nick Hartwell where he went through in detail the various stages...

02 AUG2012

5 Paper Buildings praise faultless migration to LEX

I thought I should drop you a line to let you know how satisfied chambers are with our switch from Meridian/IRIS to LEX. As a chambers, as you can imagine, we had our apprehensions about leaving Meridian/IRIS as we had been a customer with them for over 15 years. However...

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